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summit 2024

Taipei, Taiwan
What is g0v Summit?

g0v Summit is a biennial gathering in Taiwan that focuses on civic hacking, open government, open-source collaboration, and citizen participation. It is a major international event in the open government community and attracted speakers from up to 33 countries in the last four editions, with nearly a thousand of attendees each time.

In 2022, the g0v Summit was cancelled due to the pandemic. However, the wait is over. In the coming year, g0v Summit 2024 will rekindle your passion for civic activism!

Summit 2024
What is g0v?

g0v is a grassroots social movement community dedicated to deepening the civic engagements and connections between the social arena and citizens. You can find like-minded partners in the g0v community, put your ideas into practice in a grassroots manner, and then release the results under an open-source license, letting people stand on your shoulders.

g0v replaces the “o” in gov with “0”, thereby reimagining the role of government from scratch, and represents the vision from 0 to 1 of the generation of digital natives.

What are the themes of g0v Summit 2024?
  1. “Nerd politics” vs. digital governance
  2. Data, AI, and community collaboration
  3. Grassroots, open, polycentric, and communal responses to political and technological authoritarianism
  4. Digital infrastructure grounded in empathy, inclusiveness, and plurality
  5. Convergence of technology and social issues

eID / Personal Data Protection / AI Technology Regulation / Digital Platform Regulation / Digital Violence / Digital Sovereignty / Open Government / Big Data (Data Governance) / Mass Outsourcing / Map Data / Open Courses / Community Governance / Digital Toughness / Civic Advocacy / Digital Civil Defence / Open Spirit / Netiquette / CoC / Digital Polarisation / Digital DEI (Diversity and Inclusion) / Digital Literacy / SDGs / Social Enterprise / Digital Transformation / Innovation / Education / Non-Profit Organisations ......